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 Image Of Suresite Window Transparent Dressings 4X4.5" 

Suresite Window Transparent Dressings 4x4.5"

Manufacturer: Medline Industries Sold By: Each Item Number: MSC2304H Price: $1.50

Buy Bulk: $48.00 Box of 50

 Image Of Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant 

Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant

Manufacturer: Medline Industries Sold By: Box of 10 Item Number: MSC093005 Price: $55.20

Tegaderm Dressings offer more than just superior wound care and surgical/IV site careTegaderm Dressings offer a number of advantages to doctors, nurses and clinicians, including:

* Improved patient outcomes.  Wounds and surgical sites heal faster and more efficiently when dressed with Tegaderm products.  Patients may require shorter hospital or clinic stays and reduced follow-up care.

* Increased staff productivity.  Many of the products in the Tegaderm line can be worn for extended periods.  Fewer dressing changes means less staff attention is required without compromising the health or outcome of the patient.

* Cost efficiency.  Fewer dressing changes also means that fewer dressings are used overall.  Inventory turnover is greatly reduced, keeping costs at a minimum.

* Trusted, ongoing research and support.  Tegaderm never stops working at exploring new technologies and improving its products.  Tegaderm is committed to continually looking at ways to make the lives of health care professionals and patients better by offering ongoing support and a promise to keep producing quality dressings.

Tegaderm Dressings come in a range of sizes, shapes and thicknesses to accommodate wounds and sites of all types.  No matter what the need, Tegaderm makes a dressing that will fit.  Wound, surgical and IV site care has never been easier or more effective.

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